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Suzhou LESINTOR mechanical and electrical Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Suzhou Wujiang District among the most economically developed area in China, the “Golden Triangle” of Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Shanghai. LESINTOR research, develop, produce, sales and also provide after sales service. In the past twenty-five years we absorbed overseas’ advanced technology and workmanship and collected valuable essence and experience in the injection molding auxiliary machine industry, all of those contributed to our products’ precision, stability and reliability and have made us to the leading position in China.

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  • Chiller introduction part 4
    Selection algorithm of industrial chillers and chillers The chiller is an energy-saving machine that achieves the cooling effect through vapor compression or absorption cycle. The full name of chil...
  • Chiller introduction part 3
    What are the configurations of the low temperature chiller? The configuration of the chiller determines its performance and other aspects. Low-temperature chillers can be divided into air-cooled an...
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